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Download The Originals Season 5, Episode 12 below…. First, alittle recap


Of course this was all going to come back to Mystic Falls. Honestly, we should’ve seen it coming. (And maybe some of you did.) For me, this episode was filled with lovely callbacks, whether we’re talking about seeing Elena’s personal practice, the glimpse of Matt’s bench, hearing Bonnie’s name, or the number of times Klaus and Caroline talked about things that happened “a long time ago.” And I can promise you each and every one of those moments

made my heart happy. That being said, there was also a lot of sadness in this hour. Let’s dig in!


When it appears that there’s not a fix for Hope, Klaus comes up with a plan: He and Elijah will take Hope to Mystic Falls, specifically to the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, where Caroline’s twins are currently enrolled. As Klaus tells Caroline — after she mentions the deal they made in the woods that he wouldn’t return to Mystic Falls — he needs their siphoning skills to take the Hollow’s magic out of Hope and put it in him. Once that’s complete, Caroline can make good on a promise she was part of, once again, years ago: To lock Klaus up and drop him in the Atlantic. Only this time, he’s a willing participant.


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