Drama ensues as husband catches his wife with her work colleague [Watch]

There was massive drama after a husband cornered his wife and caught her with her lover in their matrimonial home .

According to reports, the woman brought her lover to their home without knowing that her husband had set a trap for her.


However, the ‘party’ was spoilt after the woman’s husband came back home announced and caught them in the act.

According to reports accompanying the viral video, the man in question is the co-worker of the embattled woman caught red-handed breaking her marriage vows.

The embarrassed woman who was in no place to deny her extramarital affair could be heard crying whiles her work colleague begs for forgiveness as he tried to hide his face from being captured but it was all in vain.


This is why it is never a good idea to mess with married women. It’s like walking into a lion’s den!

Watch the video below:

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