Fake! Fake! Fake! Top Signs Your Friend Is Fake!

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Not all people are genuine. In fact, there’s a lot of people out there that are just looking out for themselves – while they pretend to be your friend. Make no mistake, fake people are also toxic.

They often masquerade as a people person but the truth is they are a FAKE people person. To learn how to know if you’re dealing with a fake person, we’ve complied a list of five signs you should look out for.

Sign #1: They Gossip
Do you have a friend that constantly gossips? Do they love starting out a conversation with, “Guess what I heard?”. A fake people person often has many friends and acquaintances, but they love to gossip about these people no matter who they are. If your friend is gossiping about other people, they are most certainly gossiping about you too.

Sign #2: They Lie
A fake people person will lie to suit their needs. They don’t care how small or how big the lie has to be, they’ll lie to get what they want. They’ll lie to get YOU to do what they want. If you have a friend who loves to lie, chances are they are master manipulators and totally fake.

Sign #3: They Know No Boundaries
Most friendships come with a give and take that includes compassion and an understanding of boundaries. But a fake person will cross boundaries when ever they feel it serves their needs. That means they will bring up your past to prove a point, text you angrily first thing in the morning, make inappropriate comments on your Facebook postings and more.

Sign #4: They Love Drama
Another sign that points straight to a fake people person is they absolutely love drama. They love creating drama, being smack dab in the middle of it, and gossiping about it. You can easily figure out this kind of person because they always have drama in their lives. And if they don’t, you can be certain they’re looking for it.

Sign #5: They are Fake People Pleasers
This kind of person will jump through hoops of fire to please a person they just met. They tend to come on strong, offering their “help” or giving over-the-top compliments that really are not sincere, although they may seem so at first glance. Fake people aim to be everything to all people and will use pleasing others to get another “victim” into their circle of friends.

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