First day of the DNC starts with disruption as protesters boo Hilary Clinton

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The Democratic National Convention’s first day in Philadelphia was supposed to be a grand demonstration of party unity and shared determination to defeat Donald Trump. But delegates in attendance disrupted the start of the convention instead.

Just moments after the convention officially opened, it devolved into a huge disruption. Though Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak later in support of Hillary Clinton, after endorsing her earlier this month, there seems to still be some lingering resentment especially after WikiLeaks leaked emails which showed that former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the primaries in favour of Hilary Clinton. Debbie has since resigned from her position, she will be gone officially at the end of the convention which ends on Thursday.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t worried though because she already got another job to work on Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign as one of her staff.

Even the promise of a speech from Elizabeth Warren, a progressive hero to many of Sanders’s supporters, didn’t seem to be enough to placate Sanders die-hards as the convention kicked off Monday afternoon.

During the convention, every time Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned at the outset, delegates booed loudly from the floor, erupting in jeers and shouts of ‘Bernie’.

Even the opening prayer was interrupted by chants of ‘Bernie, Bernie’ which began from protesters outside the venue and quickly spread inside.

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