Google Pixel Phones To Be Unveiled On October 4, Photo leaked

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As we all know Google is changing the Nexus into another brand. According to sources, new Google smartphones will be branded under the Pixel series. We have also seen Google settled on Pixel and Pixel XL for the HTC-made Sailfish and Marlin that we had spotted in many leaks.

However, now according to the latest sources, the new smartphones from Google are expected to be unveiled in a couple of weeks from now. So we are finally heading into the concluding stage of the much-anticipated smartphone launch of the year.

Google has officially confirmed that it will host a smartphone launch event on October 4 where we can expect that the new smartphone launch would be none other than Official Pixel phones. The teaser video is also been aired by Google that clarifies all the doubts regarding the smartphone launch.

The aired video shows that the Google search bar transformed into a smartphone with a rectangular form and at the end of the video the Data October 4 appears. You can have the look at the video listed below.

The look of the new device was leaked in a Nest advertisement which was said to be bearing the upcoming device within it. However, Android Police recently published two photos of the new device Pixel and Pixel XL which reveals the back and front of the both models.

Leaked Image According to Android Police
Leaked Image According to Android Police

According to Android Police, the leaked images shows that the upcoming devices from Google will have the aluminum finish. Pixel XL will feature a 5.5-inch screen whereas a 5-inch screen for the smaller pixel. Both the phone will have the fingerprint sensor, rear camera, flash module and a few other sensors located inside the glass section.

Leaked Image According to Android Police
Leaked Image According to Android Police

Android police also mentioned that the upcoming devices from Google will be running the new boot animation. However, we have to wait for few weeks until the phones make their debut. We will be sharing further developments.

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