Gospel Album: Mercy Chinwo – Overwhelming Victory

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Renowned Nigerian Gospel music maestro, Mercy Chinwo, has introduced her highly awaited album, titled “Overwhelming Joy.” Stepping away from Eezee Concept, she proudly presents this project under the banner of GNT Nation, showcasing her artistic growth and dedication to disseminating messages of faith and hope through her music.

“Overwhelming Victory” stands as a masterpiece consisting of 12 magnificent tracks that guarantee to uplift the spirit and resonate with the soul. The album features collaborative efforts with esteemed artists such as Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Jerry Eze, adding depth and diversity to an already impactful collection of songs.

Audiences are encouraged to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of melodies and lyrics woven throughout this album. With each track, Mercy Chinwo conveys messages of love, resilience, and unwavering faith, inspiring listeners to discover solace and joy amidst life’s challenges. Whether seeking comfort or simply reveling in the beauty of gospel music, “Overwhelming Victory” assures an unforgettable listening experience for all who delve into its uplifting rhythms and heartfelt lyrics.


Download below:

01. Only You Satisfy | (www.jejeupdates.com)

02. I’m In Awe (Live) | (www.jejeupdates.com)

03. More Than Enough | (www.jejeupdates.com)

04. Amaram Onyewem Live (feat. Pastor Jerry Eze) | (www.jejeupdates.com)

05. You Do This One | (www.jejeupdates.com)

06. My Lover (Live) | (www.jejeupdates.com)

07. Oke Mmiri | (www.jejeupdates.com)

08. My Future and Hope | (www.jejeupdates.com)

09. Too Many Reasons (feat. Chioma Jesus) | (www.jejeupdates.com)

10. From The Rising | (www.jejeupdates.com)

11. Not The Same | (www.jejeupdates.com)

12. Father | (www.jejeupdates.com)


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