How To Treat And Keep A Good Woman

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Believe me when I tell you that most good women get jilted often in relationships; it may not be as a result of anything damaging but because they often end up with men who are mostly incapable of placing value on what they have.

Some men get petrified when they find themselves with good women who could be understanding, supportive, have careers/businesses going well, obedient, filled with humility, know their worth and value as women, know exactly what they want to achieve etc. yet, these men find it difficult to properly handle these gems in order to keep them on a long term. You know why? They just didn’t get the memo on how to water these “flowers” properly to keep them rooted by their side forever or they mostly find them too good to be true hence birthing out negative assumptions/perceptions on which they hold to get them twisted up inside.

Guys, No need to screw up something rare because of your insecurity, doubt, fear, indecisiveness; Take note of these points below and put them into practice.

  1. To keep a good woman you must first of all be prepared to be a BETTER MAN ”“ uhuh! All men want great women who are submissive, humble, hardworking blah blah blah! But these men aren’t ready to work on their emotions, internal happiness, on their jobs or let alone break their backs to put up a fight to keep such women around on a long term. Guys, what you must know is, you are going to wreck every relationship you find yourself if you keep handling all women in accordance to your internal fears and insecurities. Work on being happy with you first, get a decent job or a business with a steady income going. Love yourself enough to be able love another being with all honesty and truth. You are the common denominator in you past failed relationships so take time to analyze what really went wrong in your previous relationships in order not to project your fears onto your next partner.

2. Be READY TO LISTEN ”“ Men expect submission from women all the time but what they do not know is that, to get a woman to submit you must be ready to LISTEN to her. Women are naturally blessed with the gift of talking, no doubt. We always love to be heard especially when we are sending our concerns across. A good woman may tell you how she feels about certain things going cold in the relationship; she may repeat it a few times along the line but when she keeps feeling ignored, she may start pulling out and before you realize, she’s gone. Thing is, if she didn’t care or wasn’t that much serious about you, she wouldn’t be troubled over an imminent cul-de-sac your sudden turn may be leading to. So take a minute; get off your high horse, come down to earth and just LISTEN for once will you?

3. Be Patient and slow to anger ”“ a hot tempered guy is a total turn off for all women especially the rare real ones. A good woman always forgives her man with ease and doesn’t need to take break for days to get over her anger. Love is love so once your woman always makes an effort to let go of all your wrongs, it’s only logical to also reciprocate that patience and selflessness. Unless you don’t really love her like you say you do which would imply that you set the records straight with her and let her go. It’s wrong to toy with someone future queen.

4. Affirm your love for her always ”“ This may look like a lot of work for my brothers who find it extremely difficult to sincerely express how they feel to their women due the popular immature thought that “it will allow women walk over them.” If you notice some amazing qualities in your woman (other than sex of course) that triggers something inside of you to make you want to keep her, then get your head together and make the words “I LOVE YOU” your new song. Reminding your woman of your sincere love for her (by words and actions) will give her less reason to worry over petty things, erase all doubts and brewing fears from deep within. Treat her like you’d want to be treated.

5. Spend QUALITY time with her ”“ making time to hang out with your woman (be it indoors or outdoors) is a sure way to keep the bond between you two alive and stronger. Take time to watch one of her favorite movies with her, go out to the beach, take walks together, pick her up from work sometime and have dinner with her; you’ll be surprised at how much joy and laughter you’ll be introducing into your relationship. A happy woman makes a happy home.

6. Shun ALL NEGATIVE TALKS/CHEAP GOSSIP about her ”“ people always love to destroy beautiful things especially in situations where they wish to be in the position of the person in question. We live in a world where we entertain bitter people as friends or seek advice from people who mostly pretend to want what’s best for us. We all in one way the other messed up in the past, yes we needed to make all those mistakes in order to GROW so no one has the right whatsoever to hold you to it. Your woman may have a past but that may not define who she is in the present. Do not entertain rumours and gossip perfectly cooked up by onlookers who may probably want what you have.

7. COMMUNICATE– now this is where the problem is! The strength of a relationship is highly dependent on frequent of communication. This is absent in most 21st century relationships because we are too busy taking each other for granted. Some guys often make the mistake of thinking that they have their women where they want and there’s no way in the hell they are going to leave. Dude she might be head over heels in love with you but truuuuuuuust me, if you keep breaking communication and pop up only when you “feel” like speaking to her on the regular, she’ll definitely walk away. Get your woman involved in your life, if you need a break just communicate, if she offends you unknowingly just communicate and sort it out.

8. LEARN to FORGIVE- forgiveness is the HIGHEST level of MATURITY. They accept and respect differences and they don’t sweat the small stuff. Forgiveness is such a powerful place that frees you of every hurt and if you want to keep your good woman by your side, you must be ready to be a forgiver. Let go of every offence quickly to keep the peace in your relationship; how easy you let go of every hurt signifies how much you need your woman in your life.

Remember, great relationships aren’t built on words but DEEDS! A pretty face will definitely get old, a nice body will change but a good woman will always remain a good woman.


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