‘I can’t apologize for the person I choose to be’ – Nigerian cross-dresser Bayo says

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As seen on Social Media. The Nigerian Cross dresser also has some few words for those bothered by the person he choose to be. In his words:

“To Be Yourself In a World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment….(AmHotterDanYaGyalDem)okbye!” “I Can’t apologise for the person I choose to be….. I watch friends take a walk and doors bang shut in my face cause I am not the certain “fixed” being people expect me to be…#CrazyOutift #Ye m weird buh is it ya consign? # Baba if u want to be weird cum nd have it# hahahahahahah life z a biatch tho# …….Thank you I know m cute!!!!!!!”

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