If You Have Any GirlFriend In Abuja Be Careful! CharlyBoy Says 89% Of Women There Are Commercial S*x Workers… SEE! Full Details

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In yet another shocking revelation shared on social media, popular Nigerian musician, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has disclosed the extent of commercial s*x business been practiced in Abuja.


Veteran singer, television presenter and one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has taken to his Instagram page to reveal the extent of prostitution among the women in the federal capital territory, Abuja.

The controversial showbiz mogul who resides in the Gwarinpa estate area of Abuja, disclosed that a whooping 89% of Abuja women are all commercial s*x workers and has been advanced with modern techniques to effectively ply their illicit trade.


“Pussyfication. About 89% of dem. Some dey carry invoice, receipt book, some Na pay as you go, some go send you bills or account details. I lie? ashawo full abuja, Biko,” Charly boy wrote in an Instagram post.

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Remember back in the days, when we used to hear about “bottom power”; how some women screwed their way up to reckoning as either a girlfriend or someone’s kept mistress. These days stories like that may have diminished a bit due to the harsh reality of our economy. Jungle don mature, men no dey so drop for women again like before. Many men are all in hiding, running away from women, especially those carrying shopping list, invoice booklet or those who come as extra baggage with multiple choice problems. OMG Kai!!!!!

Men are wiser these days I hope, I see some of them running away and toning down their womanizing tinz because e get as e be o. Especially married men. Even the bachelors are looking for sugar mummies who can take care of them and their bills.

Men are on the run these days because financially, ground no level again at all. Short time hotels are even witnessing a melt-down because it no longer makes financial sense.

When some of us remember things like school fees, house rent, cost of living, permanent state of broke-ass-ness, all our numerous obligations (not that we stole money or defrauded anybody) You need to ask yourself where the extra is going to come from to pay for your pussyficating all over town, when you can do better things with your hard earned money.

So my guy, park well before I ticket you.

Some women are so fly with pushing your mumu button, that before you know it, you’re engaging in pay as you go. Since they are giving you secx, their ultimate weapon of mumurizing you, they figure you must carry some of their baggage too. Hummmmm!!! for where!!!!!!!

While some men don’t even seem to mind the pay as you go thing because for them, it is a fair exchange of sort: but most of these kinda women also have more than one man, they also juggle around their hustle so as to maximize their sagging value.

A lot of women in Abuja today are nothing but runs women, they come in different classes and grades.

If you’re a married man with huge responsibilities, then it’s up to you to prioritise your parol. In this day and age, with all the uncertainties hanging over mortal Nigerians like us, ‘be careful’ had better be our middle name.

For many of us, there is Fire on the mountain, pepper no dey rest for our hands like before. Most of us don enter injury time, some of us dey wilderness dey try sort out how to maneuver ourselves comot.

Don’t let all the sweetness or niceness suck you in, as a lot of these women know how to play the sweet and the nice just to get you.

Pure water, I have always said, is cheaper than s*x, so why the bloody heck are you paying so much for it? Are you a learner? Come ooooon, gangster up your game.

You must always remember that your real love one’s need all the attention and finance because money is hard to come by for now, hol your side well before something do you.

I don talk my own.

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