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Last night, Into the Badlands had its midseason finale and it did not disappoint. There was action, love, fulfilled prophecy, but then there were the cliffhangers.

On a show that’s main selling point is the action, you start to wonder if at some point the writers will run out of ideas for interesting fights. The writing and stunt choreography team proved yet again that we have not reached that point yet. In the latest episode of Into the Badlands we saw showdowns that have been building since the start of the season. MK vs Sunny and The Widow vs. Baron Chau. We were also treated to an epic slow-motion scene where Moon takes on what felt like 50 of Chau’s clippers on his own.

For all of the action we witnessed there were soft moments as well. Gaius and The Widow shared a moment as did Lydia and Moon. Sunny and MK finally addressed their grievances, and Pilgrim told Sunny more about where they came from. This episode literally had everything so let’s dive in.

The Master returns

After being absent the entire season, the episode starts with The Master meditating. She suddenly jumps awake and ominously says “it has begun.”





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