Jennifer Lopez Portrays The Bloody Role Of The “Cocaine Godmother”

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Jennifer Lopez takes on the bloody role of the Cocaine Godmother in a new HBO drug-cartel TV movie where she’ll also serve as an executive producer for the film.

cocaine godmother jennifer lopez

Lopez will play the character of Griselda Blanco, famously known as the “Cocaine Godmother” who reigned over the bloody Miami drug-cartels in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Cocaine Godmother was referred to as one “who revolutionized the U.S. drug trade during the 1970s and 1980s and became the most powerful female cartel member of all time.”

While Blanco was responsible for over forty homicides she was convicted of just three including the murder of a 2-year-old boy.

After serving nearly two decades behind bars in the United States for drug trafficking and three murders, including the 1982 slaying of thhe 2-year-old boy in Miami, she was deported in 2004 to Colombia, where she maintained a low profile.

Blanco was shot and killed in Colombia by two men on motorcycles in 2012 at the age of 69.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Lopez said, “I’ve been fascinated by the life of this corrupt and complicated woman for many years. The idea of teaming with HBO felt like the perfect fit for finally bringing Griselda’s story to life.”

A snip into the life of Blanco by the Miami Herald read:

Blanco came to epitomize the “cocaine cowboy” bloodshed of the 1980s, when rival drug dealers brazenly ambushed rivals in public.

Raised in the slums of Medellin, she began her criminal career as a pickpocket, eventually commanding an empire that reportedly shipped 3,400 pounds of cocaine per month, by boat and plane.

She was considered a Colombian pioneer in drug smuggling to the United States, a precursor to the larger cartels that dominated in the 1980s.

She even had a Medellin lingerie shop custom design bras and girdles with special pockets to hold cocaine, a tool used by her drug mules flying to Miami.

As an avid lover of good movies, we look forward to this.

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