JJC (Jonny just come) the life of a Nigerian Student in Benin Republic.. Episode 2

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This is a true life story of a Nigerian students who left the shores of her Country to a Neigbouring country (Benin Republic) to Sojourn and exploit another part of Africa for academic pursuit and exposure  .. Here is the second episode of her story…….. JJC (Jonny Just come) enjoy it………

Incase u missed Episode 1 :

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I spent the weekend checking out my new enviroment. Mimi wouldn’t stop teasing me about how excited I was. I went to the market and got some uniforms and then moved on to braid my hair. The cost of making my hair was so cheap!!!! chai! The lady was so fast with the braids. I went home looking like a queen and in my mind i was saying , I will kill them with swag !!! lol!

map benin
On sunday evening i went to check my timetable for my class and to also know the lecture hall to walk into on monday.I got back home and Ironed out my uniform and shined my covered shoe. I was set for my first day in school. I set the alarm for 6am and went to bed.


Hmmmmn! I woke up before 6am oh! I couldn’t sleep. I went to use the Loo and had my bath. I was to be in school before 8am for my lecture. I got to school in time and sat down. Brought out my notebook and pen and was waiting.

The class was filled up already.I sat at the back and watched more people come in. As soon as the lecturer arrived, The class became quiet like a grave yard. He introduced himself for the benefit of people like me that were attending for the first time and started lecturing. He was so fast and I turned to the next person to catch up. Lo and behold The girl was writing in a language i didnt understand cause I am sure that it wasnt English language.

jjc4 jjc5


Her spellings were all wrong, her writing looked like the letters were about to fly and she just kept making noise.I kept writing what i could make out of the lecture and after 2hours the class was over. Then the whole class started talking about an assignment,I got hold of one and saw Engineering and started asking the other girls in the class. Oops! I was in the wrong lecture hall as I was suppose to be in Science. Can you Imagine?

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