Love Dilemma – “He tells Everyone We’re just Friends – Please Advise me

After our Relationship counsellor critically analysed and advised on the issue brought to us last week, (If you missed last week’s relationship issue Click here )Here we have another matter that needs our general opinion before our relationship Counsellor finally analyse the issue by next week Thursday .

Dear jejeupdates, thank you for the opportunity to pour out our minds on this platform, it’s a great priviledge to send this mail to you…

I am in a friendship right now that is very complicated.
I have been hanging out with him for a very long time. We talked on the phone, online and in person every day for several months.

We both get jealous of each other being with a potential other person and his body language signifies that he likes me more than a friend.

All my friends and his friends all say that he acts as though there is feelings between us that we don’t even have to say anything but they know we have a “connection.”

He centers all his activities on what I do every weekend and does everything that every guy will do when they like someone more than a friend.

Problem is he tells everyone that asks him what is going on that we are just friends and that’s all he sees me as.

I have, during this time, fallen in love with him.

I don’t want to lose our friendship but I want to be with him more than just a friend!

What am I missing?


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Your sincere advise is really needed …..

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  1. Maybe he is scars of losing u too but u have to know what u are doing.. Guys are not worth pausing ur life and future for at all

  2. Are u guys emotionally attached together already? I mean doing what people in a relationship does.. If yes z u have the right to ask to be sure of ur future

  3. He may just be scared to commit himself to the relationship.. It happens.. But for him to give u his time too, he loves u in return I guess

  4. Continue with ur life and don’t give him too much attention again, once u give them too much attention, they take u for granted

  5. Please, don’t just allow him to use u and go like that .. If he doesn’t want to date u, set urself free from his bondage and move on…

  6. Please don’t have anything intimate with him and if u have, stop it.. They just wanna use u and dump u afterwards.. Nonsense guys!

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