Love Dilemma … (My STORY).. I Need Your Advice…..

Good day readers, after a long break, we have been compelled to come back with Love dilemma as we have been receiving mails . Love dilemma (My Story) is a platform where people get to share their relationship problems and they get sincere opinions of others.

Here is a mail we received from one of our readers in Tanzania who needs your advice on her relationship… Kindly read and drop you sincere opinion and advice in the comment box below.. Thank you

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Hello jejeupdates, thanks for the unique opportunity to spill this as it’s been disturbing and bothering my mind for sometime now

I have a problem.

I’ve been going out with this guy for 9 months now.

I love him a whole lot and he loves me too. He told me so and I trust and believe what he says.

The thing is, he thinks I’m cheating on him and I’m not.

He won’t believe me though. Every time I talk to him he thinks I was just on the phone with some other guy. I don’t know what to do anymore. He’s getting me really frustrated.

I love him with all my heart.

I’m 21 years of age and he is 24.

I’m i to continue like this? Or how do i convince him????
Please give me some advice soon.

I’m getting Frustrated already



Advise from Our Councellor

Dear Frustrated,

Jealousy is a disease that drives men crazy: think of Othello (you should have read this in high school!)

Your boyfriend’s jealousy is not based on anything that you’ve done but his own insecurity and low self-esteem.

Who knows! Someone could have cheated and lied in his past but that has nothing whatever to do with you and he needs to know this!

When he accuses you, be sympathetic and tell him that you know he’s jealous but tell him also that all good relationships are based on trust and that you hope he learns to trust you soon because you are absolutely honest.

Tell him you will help him to get over this illness he has and that you hope that just by being together, he will learn to feel safe and secure with you.

Treat this as his issue. Do not take it personally and let him know that.

Hopefully, he will be able to recover, with your love, from whatever has made him feel so insecure that he doubts someone who obviously cares so much for him!

Relationship Councellor jejeupdates


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  1. Hmmmm.i have been in your shoes babe but if you really love him you can still keep tryn to convince him and also your actions should show i kant give up on love so you shouldnt give up on him

  2. Try to think, is there something you’ve done that made him distrust u like that? That’s one thing u should try to think about cos once trust is broken, it might nt be easy to heal back

  3. Have u tried talking to him about it? U should really talk to him.. If it persist, u let go of him.. U deserve to be happy

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