Man allegedly beats Pregnant Wife to Death, says He only Pushed Her

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The police in Ogun state, Nigeria has arrested a butcher Sina Kasali, 38 for allegedly beating his wife Sherifat Kasali, 26 to death.

Sina, a neighbour said, allegedly beat up Sherifat after she accused him of peeping at a neighbour who is said to be a commercial sex worker.

An argument ensued and he subsequently beat her up until she collapsed, according to the neighbour.

The neighbour, speaking to Punch, said:

They had been living together for 10 years and had three children. Their last born is about three-months-old. He (Sina) always beat the woman and people had warned him several times to no avail.

The wife had accused him of peeping into the private parts of a sex worker in their compound that morning. He got angry and dragged her inside. He beat her to a stupor and refused to take her to the hospital. We called a nurse to attend to her but he did not allow the nurse to treat her.

The police was called in, and Sina was arrested.

Speaking to Punch, Sina said:

My wife and I had been living together peacefully until some bad women in our compound started influencing her. Those women drink. She was always with them whenever I went to work. That was how she became a drinker too and she started being rude to me.

Two days before the incident happened, she accused me of gazing at a neighbour’s backside and I warned her not to accuse me of such a thing again. She began to abuse me and I slapped her.

Earlier that day, she told me that she was pregnant and I told her to abort it. Around 4pm on Saturday, she wanted to go and fetch water. I warned her not to go and she started abusing me. She wanted to go by all means and I pushed her.

She lay on the bed and held her stomach. She was groaning with pains. I suspected that she had used some drugs to abort the pregnancy. I called my brother to get a car so that we could take her to a hospital. While I was waiting for my brother, the nurse came. She happens to be somebody I had sold meat to sometime ago and she refused to pay me for days.

We fought each other before she eventually paid me and since then, we have not been talking to each other. It was because of the grudge that I did not allow her to treat my wife. I did not beat her that day.

However, Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said Sina confessed to beating his wife and investigation is ongoing.

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