Mid-Season Finale: Download Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 5 – The Gift of the Magi


Within the final minutes of this episode, we saw none other than Davis McLean, the very man Tariq hired to represent his mother, willing to sell out Tariq to Cooper Saxe. Why? A new agreement that the two men work together to show that Tariq is the new killer. Thanks to a rather surprising series of events from Saxe’s own niece Riley, he managed to have video evidence of Tariq standing in front of his father’s grave, admitting his guilt in what happened to him. It may not be admissible in court, but there are other ways now for Saxe to get information.

Davis may claim that this is a move to get justice but, in reality, it’s a move in order to ensure that he can get a win on his record. He knew the risks from the get-go in coming on board this case. It’s a big risk, and a win would enable him to soar to even higher heights. In the end, he doesn’t care that much about Tariq other than that he is a means to a greater end … and he gets more money in his pocket.

Consider this, ultimately, an episode showing that Tariq is going to face higher stakes than ever when the second half of season 1 premieres.



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