Movie: Download Gotham season 3, Episode 6

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Last week, Benedict Samuels’ deranged Mad Hatter only showed up in one bloody tableau. In “Follow the White Rabbit,” every other story save one takes the episode off so that Jervis Tetch can get his revenge on James Gordon. Shocker: Playing dress-up with a doomed young women hasn’t turned out to be the healthiest method of grieving his sister. Plan B involves constructing an elaborate scavenger hunt for his nemesis so that Gordon will feel the same pain that Jervis does. It gets him out of the house, I suppose.

The plan commences outside of a big church wedding, where a nattily dressed chauffeur informs the happy couple that their guests will be celebrating their nuptials without them. The small, unidentified boy in the passenger seat has nothing to add. Jervis’s envoy — the titular White Rabbit — shows up after Valerie and Gordon finish their diner breakfast banter to relay his message. The operative part of it being that people will die if Gordon doesn’t follow him. People will also die if he does, but that bit of information didn’t fit into the rhyme scheme………………….




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