Movie Update: Download Blindspot Season 2, Episode 8

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Titlled: ‘We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters’

This week’s episode of Blindspot, boasting the unwieldy title of “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters,” isn’t all that different from the show’s typical case-of-the-week format. Once again the larger season arc of Sandstorm and Phase 2 takes a back seat to a random FBI case. This time, the mission sees Jane and Weller going undercover as part of a heist taking place at a political summit. Of course, everything goes south and the team is left scrambling to get Weller and Jane out of a jam. As much as the content is similar to many other weeks, “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters” is unique in its delivery.

Blindspot - Season 2

How so? Well, the episode essentially starts in the middle, fills in all the details, and then hurtles toward an intense conclusion. So, when the episode starts, the FBI team is in the middle of chaos. They’re stationed outside the political summit, waiting for Weller and Jane to make their way back outside, and to apprehend whomever it is that they’re after. None of that happens though. Instead, a bomb goes off and the FBI manages to snag two suspects, but Weller and Jane remain lost in the wind.

Even worse, Matthew Weitz shows up. You might remember him as the Assistant US Attorney who has more than a shaky relationship with the FBI, seeing as though he was going after Mayfair last season. Now he’s back to monitor this case and audit the team’s actions; it turns out that a bomb going off outside of a major political summit tends to get Homeland Security involved. From there,…………………………………………….




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