Movie Update: Download How to get away with Murder Season 3 Episode 8

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Titled No More Blood

There’s only one more episode until “How to Get Away With Murder” viewers find out who is dead under the sheet — and after this week’s shocker, it looks like another person may also be dead.

After being pushed out by Bonnie (Liza Weil), Frank (Charlie Weber) returned this week, showing up at Laurel’s house (Karla Souza), only to hear her drunkenly tell Wes (Alfred Enoch) over the phone that she loves him. Shaken up by his presence, Laurel did not turn Frank away, but only because she was protecting him from being killed by Annalise (Viola Davis).


Desperate to get back into Annalise’s good graces, Frank was trying to make amends in whatever way he could and he did so by helping with Annalise’s plan to get Wes off the hook for Wallace Mahoney’s murder by pinning the fatal shooting on his other son, Charles Mahoney. Frank spotted the woman from his past — the one that he slept with when he was young, in order to get a big suitcase of money, which in turn, resulted in Annalise’s car crash that left her unborn baby dead — and he was able to frame her for calling Charles Mahoney in jail via a burner phone that Nate (Billy Brown) wound up planting in his cell. (Yes, this is extremely complicated, but this is “HTGAWM,” so that’s just how things go!)

Frank actually wanted to kill the woman, but he refrained from that because Annalise strictly ordered him, “No. More. Blood.”

Download and Enjoy below.



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