Movie Update: Download Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 8

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Titled “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

No one loves a good nap more than me, but this is getting a little absurd.

We pick up where we left off — at the end of one nap and the beginning of another. Snow and David are still at the mercy of the Evil Queen’s spell. Regina demands that she can’t be responsible for keeping David and Snow apart, so she has to go fight the Evil Queen. However, it seems like Snow and David have this down to a pretty good science. Snow goes to wake up David and in turn go to sleep, but before she does, she smashes a mirror because the Evil Queen is watching them. This isn’t this couple’s first evil spell, ya know? In a bit of an adorable twist, they take videos and leave notes for each other, and honestly, it’s the cutest long-distance relationship via evil spell I’ve ever seen. We even get a nice indie song as a soundtrack for it.

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Outside of the sleeping lovers, Regina comes up with a plan to trap the Evil Queen. They could do it by using Henry as a pawn, but both Emma and Regina feel a bit nervous about the idea. Henry wants to, though, because Violet has been blowing him off for John Hughes Movie Night (LOLOL), and he needs a distraction… So why not risk your life? Oh, to be a teen again. Anyway, Henry ends up coaxing the Evil Queen to the beach where they’d fed seagulls when he was a child, but Emma and Regina show up and attempt to trap her in the enchanted mirror. Issue is, the Evil Queen switched the mirrors and traps Emma and Regina instead. They wake up inside a series of one-way mirrors and quickly realize the only way out is via Henry. Problem is, the Evil Queen shows up as Regina and tells everyone the plan worked, but by convincing everyone she’s Regina, the Evil Queen gets an earful about just how awful they think she is. It’s definitely hard for her to hear.

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Elsewhere, Zelena and Belle are hanging out, discussing whether they should work together to get back at the Evil Queen and Rumple — because, y’know, ladies have to stick together. So Belle goes to Aladdin and Jasmine, asking for Aladdin’s help to steal back from Rumple. Jasmine is focused on the fact they need to locate Agrabah, but Aladdin believes he can help. And speaking of help, the Evil Queen has gone to visit Rumple because she doesn’t just want the curse over Snow and David — she wants a family. So he gives her a hammer, and she intends to use it on Henry…….

Download and Enjoy below.


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