Movie Update: Download Quantico Season 2 Episode 6

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Titled: ” Aquiline” 

The trainees need to decide whether or not to order a drone strike, which triggers Alex’s memories of Simon; Shelby and Leon’s relationship moves forward; Nimah advises Alex and Ryan not to trust Harry.


Keeping track of truths and lies, good guys and bad guys was as difficult as ever this week, but most people managed to survive it. Most people.

Let’s start by seeing which lies crumbled in the past on the Farm:

The lesson of the week involves deciding whether or not to approve a drone strike. Of course, it was introduced with Owen trying to be vague and deep about it: “It’s not always our actions but their aftermath that haunts them. Today we’re going to find out who among us is strong enough to face themselves.” First, the gang was told the issue existed in the past and they were weighing in on something that had already happened. Then he told them it was for real. And then, when they voted NOT to call the strike, he called it anyway. Dirty


His justification for that mood? Also kinda dirty. “Pain doesn’t know right and wrong. It lives with you regardless,” Owen says. “I want you all to know the target that was killed was guilty. There’s no doubt. It’s easy to live with a righteous kill.” Yeah, well, something tells me this is going to turn out not to have been so righteous and Owen’s not going to have such an easy time living with it… in prison (more on that later).


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