Movie Update: Download Quantico Season 2 Episode 7

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Holy crap, season 2 of Quantico is stressful! Things in downtown Manhattan’s present are getting bloodier by the minute — but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Shelby and León are still enjoying each other’s company, so much so that Nimah thinks Shelby needs to cut her losses as a handler (sorry, Alex!) and go undercover. And they’re not the only ones in the group sneaking around. When Shelby and Alex get to the safe house for a meeting, there’s already one in progress between Miranda, Nimah, and Ryan. Alex doesn’t appreciate being left out of the plans and promises to get something concrete on Owen Hall, ASAP.

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Afterwards, the entire class goes to the Gold Leaf to play darts. They decide on a game in which the losers have to answer personal questions, and along with León admitting to everyone he’s “made a friend,” we learn Dayana is from Harare, Zimbabwe; meanwhile, Alex skirts answering whether she and Ryan ever hooked up. The game ends as Sebastian loses his cool with Harry…….

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Download and Enjoy below.



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