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An American Special Forces soldier serving in Kenya suffers amnesia after being knocked unconscious during a battle with bipedal robotic machines. He later wakes in a jail cell meeting Nadia (Bérénice Marlohe), a French foreign aide doctor who tells him they were taken prisoner by a gang of thugs. She calls him “Bo” after seeing the letters on his torn name tag. Nadia explains to Bo that the world had been invaded by strange machines that wiped out all the major cities and defeated the military around the world. Bo only recalls fragments of what happened to him and also exhibits the ability to absorb and discharge electricity as a result of his close encounter with one of the machines. After escaping the jail, Bo and Nadia work together trying to survive and get to the safety of Bo’s military base that is somewhere near Nairobi. Along the way, Nadia is taken by the aliens and Bo finds his base in ruins. He eventually enters the ruins of Nairobi where he meets a group of resistance fighters who plan to use an EMP bomb on the alien’s support ship that hovers over the city and bring it down…..

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