Movie Update: Download Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6

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Titled “Changing”

Everybody wants to be a hero!

Okay, Mon-El doesn’t really want to be a hero, but Alex guilt tripped him into it, and now look where it got him. He became the latest victim of Project Cadmus on this episode. How long until they get him back?

A New Reality - Supergirl

I figure there are a few possibilities. One, Kara and Alex find Cadmus and rescue him, but that seems more like a later in the season thing, since finding Cadmus would also mean finding Jeremiah. It is probably too soon for that.

Mon-El could escape on his own, but I think the more likely scenario is that he’ll be tested on and used against Kara. Little did she know she may have been training him to fight her.

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Kara: You need a break?
Mon-El: Okay, I accept your surrender.
Kara: Ha ha. This is serious, you have to learn how to defend yourself.
Mon-El: How often do you plan on attacking me?

The developing relationship between Mon-El and Kara, whether it becomes romantic or not, is fun to watch. He doesn’t see himself as a hero, but he also cares enough about her that he doesn’t want to disappoint her.

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Plus, he got Kara drunk, and that was amazing. Drunk Kara is adorable, and I loved Alex’s reaction to it. Sisters don’t let sisters fly drunk. Too bad that drink is deadly to humans, because I’d be curious to see if it was capable of getting The Flash drunk.

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Speaking of heroes, or at least guys with a hero complex, James makes his vigilante debut as The Guardian……

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Download and Enjoy below.


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