Movie Update: Download The Flash Season 3 Episode 10

Titled: “Borrowing Problems from the Future”

When we last checked in with The Flash, Barry had accidentally run to the future, where he witnessed Savitar murdering Iris. It’s been a month (in the show) since that happened, and he still hasn’t told Iris what he saw, even though they’ve been living together. But Iris is intelligent and knows Barry is hiding something from her. Barry’s nightmares are her first clue. She asks him what’s up, but he says nothing and then runs off to stop a fire with Wally, whom he’s training.

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After extinguishing the fire, Barry returns to S.T.A.R Labs, where H.R. is buzzing about with excitement because he’s putting the finishing touches on the museum. He takes Team Flash upstairs to check it out, but they are less than impressed because there are still some kinks to work out, like a malfunctioning Cisco hologram that’s meant to introduce visitors to the museum. This entire scene has a pep that’s been missing all season.

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Meanwhile, Caitlin, who is still concerned about going full Killer Frost, asks Julian if he will help cure her. At first, Julian rejects her offer because he’s still struggling with the guilt he feels from being manipulated by Savitar. But he realizes he was being a dick, and Caitlin offers him a spot on Team Flash. She knows, having gone through something similar, that the best thing for him is to be around people. I really liked the idea of Caitlin extending a hand because it brings a warmth back to the show that’s been missing all season….

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