Movie Update: Download The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5

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Titled “Coming Home Was a Mistake”

It wasn’t exactly a happy homecoming for Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5, but his return to Mystic Falls did help crack the case of the missing second Siren.

Nanny Seline is evil incarnate and she has the last remaining set of Gemini twins on Earth.

Her plans for them include creating a brand new nuclear family with Cade, aka the Devil himself, as their new daddy.

Changing Everything - The Vampire Diaries

Y’all, Nanny Seline is B-A-D. Bad. She used two unsuspecting girls (who shouldn’t be quite as old as they seem given the timeline) to RESURRECT THE DEVIL.

Like. Not bring back a grandma from a spirit world. Not commune with a spirit on the other side.

She straight up brought back Satan using two innocent girls and the body of a dead graduate student to do it. Also a dead goldfish.

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Was the goldfish involved in that ritual? I couldn’t tell. I was too busy clutching my pearls at our precious Gemini twins being lured into doing their evil Nanny’s bidding and bringing back her…boyfriend?

That picture at the end definitely made it seem like Seline’s got a thing for the Collector of Souls which means this whole thing is about to get kind of weird.

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Seline and Sybil, at least according to Sybil’s telling, don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. Sybil blames her sister for their flesh-eating, soul-sending predicament (but doesn’t seem to mind the eternal youth and beauty that come with the package) and now Seline’s apparently been in league/love with Cade this entire time.

At what point in this story will sister turn against sister? Is it possible that Sybil sees in Damon the opportunity to defeat Cade somehow? Like something in his subconscious will allow him to avoid Hell and destroy Cade?

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Download and Enjoy below. 😉


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