Movie Update: Super girl Season 2, Episode 3 and 4

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Let’s start with the obvious:  Episode 3 Supergirl was pretty fantastic. The best superhero stories are the ones with modern relevancy that reveal what our world could be if we were all guided by our better angels; they’re a reminder to keep seeking out the good, whatever that may be. And that’s what Supergirl delivered in this very topical episode, by taking on immigration and otherwise and made our current real world feel even more like the darkest timeline.

“Welcome to Earth” picks up right where we left off last week: Mon-El wakes up in the DEO and grabs Kara by the neck. Confused and afraid, Mon-El forces his way past Kara and the rest of the DEO’s forces and escapes from the facility, jumping out of the window and speeding off down the street. Having a renegade alien in National City would be a big problem on a normal day, but it’s an even more pressing issue today: President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) is set to arrive in National City to sign an executive order that………………………………..


Also in episode 4, “Survivors” examines how Kara and J’onn react to finally finding other aliens like themselves. While J’onn is eager, perhaps overeager, to get to know M’Gann, Kara spends the episode avoiding Mon-El, who’s growing restless being cooped up at the DEO. This makes for a fairly interesting episode that also finds the time to build on the chemistry we detected between Maggie and Alex in episode 3.

At the top of the hour, Maggie Sawyer calls Alex to a crime scene to examine an alien body they found in the trunk of a car. Kara, who accompanied Alex, is surprised to find bruises on the alien’s knuckles, because his race is known for being peaceful. That information is all it takes for Alex and Maggie to start bouncing theories back and forth and finishing each other’s sentences — while Supergirl stands there, confused by the vibe she’s getting. In the end, they decide Maggie will use her street contacts to find out more.



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