Nigeria camp guards ‘sexually abused Boko Haram victims’

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Nigerian officials have been accused of sexually exploiting women and girls living in camps for victims of militant Islamist group Boko Haram in the country’s north-east, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Forty-three women and girls were sexually abused in seven camps in Maiduguri city, the headquarters of military operations against Boko Haram, by officials guarding the camps, the campaign group said in a new report.

The government hasn’t commented on the allegations yet.

Mausi Segun, senior Nigeria researcher at HRW, said:

“It is disgraceful and outrageous that people who should protect these women and girls are attacking and abusing them.”

Nigeria: Officials Abusing Displaced Women, Girls 

Photo published for Nigeria: Officials Abusing Displaced Women, Girls

Nigeria: Officials Abusing Displaced Women, Girls

Government officials and other authorities in Nigeria have raped and sexually exploited women and girls displaced by the conflict with Boko Haram. The government is not doing enough to protect…

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