Nigeria’s Paralympic champion: There’s nothing like determination

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Nigeria’s Lauritta Onye gave a masterclass at the Rio Paralympics, first in the shotput, where she won her country’s first athletics gold of the games, and then with her barnstorming celebrations afterwards.

There’s a great series of photos from her performance in the women’s shot put F40 (for athletes with short stature).

First, she throws 8.40m, to break the world record:

Lauritta Onye throws the shot put

Then the celebrations start when she realises how far she’s thrown…

Onye jumps for joy

Getty Images

…After the competition’s over, Onye really lets loose…



onye performs a cartwheel after winning

…sharing her joy with fellow medallists, Tunisia’s Rima Abdelli, who took sliver…

Onye celebrates with Tunisia"s Rima Abdelli

…And Lara Baars of The Netherlands, who took bronze.



“Nothing should demoralise you from moving on… there’s nothing like having determination, have confidence that you can do it.”

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