Not Too Old To Be Cool! Drake’s Dad Releases Sultry Bedroom RnB Video

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Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham has proven you ain’t too old to start living your dreams as he launches his music career.

A video clip of Graham’s debut music video titled “Kinda Crazy” was leaked on TMZ and music producer Jamie Iovine, son of Apple’s Jimmy Iovine, confirmed he would be working with Graham to Rollingstone.

Iovine had yearned to see Drake after the latter had worked with his father, Jimmy Iovine. Iovine Jr later met both father and son at the BET Weekend at Epic Fest.


The producer stated, “Dennis had always been sort of a legend around Los Angeles as one of the flyest, smoothest dudes in Hollywood, putting guys my age to shame on a nightly basis. He told me about a project that he was working on that I might be interested in.””

He continued, “A few weeks later, he sends me ‘Kinda Crazy,’ and I thought, ‘People need to hear this!’ I had no idea what to expect but this guy has a lot of soul and passion for music, and you can see where Drake gets it from.”

Graham has been described as a sultry “bedroom RnB” singer although he doesn’t want to be limited by just one genre.

Iovine said, “Dennis doesn’t want to limit himself to a single genre. Now that the word is out, people are hitting us up asking to be a part of this, and we are very excited about the potential this project now has.”

If the video is anything to go by, Drake is in for a competition.

Also, when shooting the next video, Graham please get the costumier to wear you fitting suits. This looks just really old. 

Watch below and share your thoughts.

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