Oh Lord, Why? – article by Charly Boy

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So many questions dey slap me for face; sometimes my mouth no fit talk sef, na him I turn to Achebe. Why, why, why??? I dey ask myself.

My people, remember the Change they promised us? Now they are telling us to be the change we want to see. Ha ha ha, the more you look, wayo made easy 101.

But why we dey allow all these rogue behaviour from our leaders?
Even with a collapsing economy, These our yeye leaders are still the biggest African spenders  in London. In some shops especially on Oxford street, Many Naijas have turned that street into their own Las Vegas with their loot, even as dollar don high reach and still dey climb. Kai! Why?

Naija reminds me of one “Agbaya” (Yoruba word for old-for-nothing, foolish nonentity),  even at the age of 56, still as stupid, with no sense of direction.
56yrs of rubbish and nonsense, even as we the followers are adjudged the happiest people in the world. Ha, suffering and smiling abi?

What do we have to show for all the years of oil boom?
Dilapidated primary, secondary schools, and useless universities where violence and cult reign supreme, where young girls sleep around with their lecturers for grades; hospitals that remind me of mechanic sheds and doctors that are no better than vulcanizers?
From Obasanjo to Jonathan’s era, more than $25billion was injected into the power sector, but rats stole and siphoned most of it to their foreign accounts and private pockets. Why?

Our leaders have failed because of selfishness, religious fundamentalism, graft, corruption, indiscipline, impunity, greed, and so on. While they live and enjoy a lavish life, millions of Naijas are deprived of their basic needs of water, light, food, health, education, housing. Yet, the poor remain docile and afraid, waiting for manner from heaven. Oh Lord. Why?

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