Photos: 18yr old girl reportedly attempted suicide over a Ghanaian rapper

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18-year-old Senior High School graduate identified as Mary reportedly attempted suicide over Ghanaian rapper, Criss Waddle, local media reports.
Mary, who claims to be a resident of Tech, a surbub of the Kumasi Metropolis, said she met the musician via Instagram and both became friends. According to Mary, the rapper told her she was not matured enough to date him but they both engaged in countless sexual bouts whenever she visited his house in Tema.
During one of such visits, Waddle took photos with her and posted them on her social media pages attracting a barrage of insults from the rapper’s fans and when she couldn’t bear them, she attempted to kill herself with a knife.
The musician admitted knowing Mary but denied being in any relationship with her. He claimed that she had demanded to take pictures with him but he initially refused because he could not vouch for her credibility. On second thought, he obliged just like he does to his fans.
In a video posted on social media, she tendered an apology to Ghanaians and asked people to stop spreading rumour that she is dead.

“Good afternoon Ghana, It’s me Mary, the girl that her pictures are going round on social media and others are saying I’m dead. I want to tell everyone that I’m alive so stop spreading my pictures that I’m dead…. I’m alive and this is my hand that I cut, I’m okay by God’s grace so to all Ghanaians I’m so sorry for what I did.” she said.


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