Photos: Miss Bumbum Brazil pageant sparks outrage as contestants pose for Last Supper painting

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This year’s Miss Bumbum Brazil contest has sparked outrage among Christians after the contestants posed for ‘the Last Supper’ photo in reference to Jesus Christ’s last supper with his disciples before he was crucified.

In the outrageous photo, the contestants all wearing lingerie pose on top the ‘supper’ table and the contestant with the sexiest bum poses in the center as ‘Jesus’.

Religious leaders branded the remake of the Da Vinci masterpiece “deeply disrespectful” and even Brazil’s religious intolerance commission condemned the picture.
One of the contestants said she regretted posing for the shot and said she had “asked forgiveness from God for a great sin”.
Daiana Fegueredo, representing the state of Ceara and chosen to play the role of  ‘Jesus’, said:
 “I did the photo because of my contract. But I didn’t like it and I wasn’t happy about it. You can’t play around with the word of God.”I completely understand people being angry about it, because even I’m angry and I’m in it. For me it is blasphemy.
“I feel really bad deep inside of me. I’m a practising Catholic. Since I did the photo my heart is tight inside my chest, I can’t sleep and I don’t stop thinking about it. I’ve already asked forgiveness from God, and I ask forgiveness from everyone else. We went too far. We were part of a great sin.”
Father Clesio Vieira, from the Volta Redonda diocese of Rio de Janeiro, said:
“Everyone’s talking about it. It has broken the boundaries of ethics and respect, all in the name of money. This isn’t creativity, it’s the vulgarisation of the sacred and is deeply disrespectful.”

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