photos: Some Common Fashion Blunders Ladies Make… Wardrobe Malfunctions!!!

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This is a piece that tends to educate women folks on their physical appearances and exposing them to common blunders.

As women, it is extremely important to be on the lookout to avoid making certain mistakes for the sake of fashion. A lot of women make those fashion mistakes in one way or another leading to them being harassed, addressed inappropriately or even barred from entering certain establishments.

While these mistakes are quite a lot, we will talk about six of the most common ones:

1. Indecent exposure:


Exposing your body as a lady is not a good idea, the essence of wearing clothes is not just to look good but to cover private parts of the body which makes you look responsible.


2. Over accessorizing:


Accessories are great complements for clothes but believe it or not, there is such a thing as over accessorizing. Keep accessories to a minimum and remember to tone down on colours or patterns on your clothes when wearing bold accessories.


3. Under-sized jeans:


Jeans are a great choice because they are serviceable, easy to match and usually very comfortable. However, wearing undersized jeans can make your body look very unflattering and may even expose parts of your underwear. If you can not squat comfortably in your jeans with no exposure of unnecessary skin, then your jeans are probably too small.


4. Wearing uncomfortable shoes:


The right shoes can pull an entire outfit together and high heels especially give clothes a classy look. Unfortunately, wearing uncomfortable shoes such as stiletto heels and under sized shoes regularly can put strain on the soles of the feet and make the feet bend out of place. Opt for block heels, kitten heels, wedges as an alternative to stiletto heels.


5. Visible panty line:


Wearing sheer/translucent clothes as well as too tight trousers or skirts with undersized underwear will make the edges of the panties show. if the fabric of your clothes come in is not thick enough, make sure your underwear is loose enough to not dig into the flesh of the buttocks and show under the clothes OR wear seamless underwear or boy shorts that have the seam line underneath the buttocks.


6. Wearing heavy make-up:


Wearing make-up is a great way to enhance your natural facial assets and hide your flaws or blemishes. However if your make-up is unnecessarily heavy, it will be a distraction to those around you. Learn to distinguish between work and party appropriate make-up and use them accordingly.


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