Photos/video: ISIS beheads two ‘spies’ in front of in Iraqi children, threaten France president Hollande with more attacks

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Terrorist Organization ISIS has for the first time publicly threatened the City of Marseilles in France promising a repeat of the Bastille day attacks as they butchered two alleged ‘spies’ in broad daylight at a busy park in front of little children.

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In the video, ISIS members wearing full commando gear threaten more attacks on the streets of Paris, Marseilles and Nice. They also called out President Francois Hollande before taking the small knives to decapitate the two victims.

The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels and is labelled as coming from Wilayat Ninawa- one of ISIS’ most important occupied territories in Iraq.

In the seven-minute clip, one of the ISIS executioners says: ‘President Hollande – it will be repeated on your citizens in the streets of Paris, Marseilles, and Nice.’

After the two men are decapitated using small, serrated blades, children are interviewed about the beheadings. Then one of the terrorists holds one of the decapitated head and continues his rant.


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