#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 16: New Day, New Lessons

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The sixteenth day in the #Project Fame 9.0 academy was one that required a lot of hard work and sweat from the contestants.

#ProjectFame9.0 Dance Moves

The day’s activities kicked off with Uncle Ben’s class as he played the keyboard while the contestants rehearsed. He asked Eli to act as a prop for winner while she rehearsed the song she will be performing over the weekend.

This seemed to get the desired effect as she sang beautifully while she started at Eli.

All the contestants showed their dance moves as oluchi rehearsed her song. Elizabeth had to come to Eli’s rescue as the tall man could barely manage to get his dance moves right.

She acted as Eli’s teacher and prop as he rehearsed the song he will be singing on stage at the Nomination night.

It was entirely a different ball game for Pere, who showed very good dance moves during uncle Ben’s class.

He enjoyed himself as he showed different moves which was perhaps a means of taking his mind off the fact that he was on probation.

It was evident that the contestants had to put in a lot of effort into getting their stage performance right with good moves and their hard work seemed to have paid off as a good number of them got their acts right.

Despite the fact that all of them put in a good amount of effort into their stage movement and vocals, not all seem to have gotten it right.

Some of the contestants appeared laid back during the course of the rehearsals but Uncle Ben in his usual style was able to get the contestants charged up and ready to go.

In a move to perhaps get the best out of the contestants, Uncle Ben walked out those that appeared to be taking the class with levity and made sure they stayed away for the duration of his class.

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