Riverdale Season 2 , Episode 22 (Season Finale)

Episode Info:

Titled : Snake and Ladder…

Riverdale wastes no time in answering the question that’s been on all of our minds: What happened to Jughead? Well, he’s dead. Betty, Veronica, and Archie visit his grave. “Come back to me, Jug,” his girlfriend-widow cries. Just kidding — this is actually a dream sequence. Don’t be mad at me, I’m sorry, I love you!

Jughead wakes up in the hospital, looking pretty good, considering that in the state we last saw him he could have been left out in somebody’s yard as a passable Halloween decoration. His dad is at his bedside. FP reports the Serpents fought hard, but were sorely outnumbered by the Ghoulies. Also, by the way, Fangs is actually alive? The sheriff’s deputy who told FP of his demise was, apparently, full of shit. Never forget that the town of Riverdale is built on a sticky, unstable foundation of maple syrup and lies. Anyway, most of Sunnyside Trailer Park has burned. “The Serpents, they don’t exist anymore,” FP laments. This is an awful lot of exposition about an exciting series of events I would have loved to have, ahem, actually seen with my own eyeballs.

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