Robert Downey Jr: Actor reacts to new 15-year-old female Iron Man.

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15-year-old black woman, Riri Williams, will take over from billionaire superhero Tony Stark as the armoured superhero. Check out Robert Downey Jr.’s response.

Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit.

The actor took to Twitter to approve the creation of Riri Williams, who will take over from Tony Stark  as the armoured superhero, Iron Man.

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Get ready for a new generation of Marvel BAMF…

According to Marvel writer, Brian Michael Bendis, the occurrence at the end of the comic-book “Civil War II” will lead to Stark dropping his suit as Iron Man. A position that would be taken over by 15-year-old black girl Riri Williams.

Riri is a  Chicago-born teenage genius who built her own version of the Iron Man suit in a dorm room at MIT.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man

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