See how Falz got everyone laughing on Coke Studio Africa 4 Episode 8

Falz is such a huge talent. He is known for his funny videos and a biting sense of humour in his songs. The popular talented entertainer can do music, rap, comedy, act, present television programmes and still act all formal like the qualified lawyer he is.

Falz kicked off on Coke Studio Africa Episode 8, by introducing himself using the comedy streak he is well known for, and then goes on to reach a lyrical apex on his cover of Tanzania’s Joh Makini. It was so amazing Joh Makini couldn’t help saying he hoped to do as good as Falz did with his song.

His rendition of Joh Makini’s “Don’t Bother” did not see him abandoning his ‘Baba Taju’ character, instead, he carried on well with the infusion of Swahili, to the unveiling of a textured perfect sound; you’d think he wrote the song from scratch. Makini could not stop laughing at his jokes and was too impressed beyond words at Falz’s ability to switch from pidgin to delivering the chorus in Swahili.

With their covers done, the duo returned to the stage to deliver the episode’s original track titled “You Deh Hot,” under the skilful production of Ivory Coast’sTOP producer, DSK. Inspired by the dope beat, Falz and the Joh decides to do a love-club song that is lyrically and sonically upbeat.

With a blend of Swahili, Pidgin and Yoruba, the two artistes’ get very comfortable with themselves as their delivery further helps to advance their culture together.

Episode 8 also saw the lady’s man, Kiss Daniels and Kenya’s inspiring musician, Bahati, doing a potent and flavourful blending of their songs, “Mama” and “Lover” On the Spot with the studio audience tapping their fingers, stamping their feet while some of members of the band played music with Coke bottles. It was awesome.

The segment for big break artiste proved that talent is still flourishing in Africa. This week, Tanzania’s Ruby worked on a remix of her song “Forever” with two of Africa’s talentedTOP acts, Yemi Alade and Tanzania’s Nyashinski to deliver a slick song with authentic character that goes without a hitch.

WATCH all these amazing performances Here .

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