See Snoop Dogg’s Reactions To Donald Trump’s Victory

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American rapper Snoop Dogg has come out to express his feelings to Donald Trumps victory at the just concluded Presidential Election. The rapper wasn’t pleased with the turn out of the result and has revealed his plans to relocate to their next door neighbour, Canada with the help of Drake.


Obviously a lot of celebrities were gunning for Hillary Clinton with so many of them coming out to support her during her electoral campaign. Celebrities like Pharell, Jay Z, Beyonce and even Hollywood movie stars had her back. Donald Trump shocked the world when he emerged vicorious today November 9, 2016 to be America’s 45th President.


Snoop Dogg referred to today as America’s second worse day after 9/11 terrorist attack. He went to his social media to express his feelings and it’s clear that he wanted Hillary Clinton to be the next American President.

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