Series Update: Download How to get away with Murder Season 5, Episode 1

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Wedding bells are ringing!!! Or are they death knells? What — you thought Connor and Oliver’s wedding was going to be a happy bright spot in the lives of the Keating Four? That lasted for approximately one minute before it was revealed that the beloved couple’s nuptials will be the site of this season’s murder, mystery, and coveted flash forward. Things are going well, Annalise is getting her groove on, but then there’s Frank, looking somber across the room. “Why do you look like someone just died?” she asks. Uh, Annalise, shouldn’t you know the answer to that question by now? It’s because someone just did. Frank doesn’t answer and Annalise slaps him. But then we’re following someone stumbling through the snow, dripping blood. The camera is the person’s point of view, so we don’t know who it is, only that the stranger is out in the snowy woods surrounding the wedding venue and having trouble breathing before finally collapsing. The point of view abruptly shifts back to campus three months earlier to be that of… Gabriel Maddox, the mysterious “her kid” of the season 4 finale. This jump cut is clearly made to make us believe this is Maddox’s point of view in both instances, but it couldn’t be that easy, right??



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