Series Update: Download Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 8 (Fall Finale)

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Well, at least Zari the cat was adorable. (And “To-Meow-Meow” remains an impeccable pun.) Charlie thinks so, too, at the top of the episode, when she cuddles up to Zari and tells her they’re heading to somewhere fabulous, which turns out to be Las Vegas in 1962. Charlie shape-shifts into Marilyn Monroe (because why not) to warn her fellow escapee, a leprechaun, to hold back his magic and help her also stay off the Legends’ radar. Unfortunately, she’s too late: The Legends — or rather, only Ray, Mick, and Nate — arrive, guns drawn, and shoot the leprechaun immediately in the chest.

Charlie’s baffled by Ray’s trigger finger, and the episode fills in the blanks by playing the opening credits of Custodians of Chronology, a spoof of The A-Team, complete with Mick winking at the camera while standing across from Garima and Nate wielding a crossbow while trying to impress some ladies. Back on the Waverider, the trio learns from an upgraded, skimpily clothed Gideon that they’ve missed calls from Barry, Oliver, and Kara. “Sounds like the annual crossover,” Ray quips in what might be Legends‘ most meta moment ever.

Charlie and Zari return to the ship and learn that the Legends have now adopted a new policy of shooting magical beings on sight, so Charlie shape-shifts into Sara and tries to talk the team into reversing the rule. Sara, though, was the wrong choice: The boys reveal that Sara died and that they’re on the hunt for an elusive shapeshifter, and now they’ve got her. Garima stabs Charlie, but Charlie heals and manages to run away with Zari in time to use the jump ship and head to the Time Bureau to find Constantine and figure out what’s going on….

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