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‘Highland Games’

The latest installment of Reign forgoes any time spent in England with Queen Elizabeth (she and Gideon needed a breather anyway) and instead gives us… a boxing montage. You cannot make this crazy up. All the talk about getting in the ring got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be great if Mary and Elizabeth could agree to just one boxing match, winner takes the English throne? Think of all the time, energy, and beheading axes they would save! Also, would they have bejeweled boxing gloves? This is very important, please discuss in the comments.

Even though we’re sticking to only two royal courts this week, there’s more than enough drama to go around. Let’s check in.

Welcome to the 500th or so Highland Games! From what I can tell, this is the time of the year when Scots get together to drink a lot and yell about how much they love Scotland… so, not much different from the rest of the year.

Mary’s excited about these games though; it’s the perfect venue to announce her engagement to Lord Darnley. She wants to ride the wave of goodwill after Darnley’s heroics — as manufactured as they may have been — during the harvest festival fire. James reminds Mary that she really doesn’t know Darnley all that well and she should be cautious. Are Mary and James the two best friends anyone could ever have or what? James even agrees to go make out with Emily Knox some more to find out if John Knox is the culprit behind the “loyal watchman” warning note Mary received telling her about Darnley and the fire. James is just always putting others first, isn’t he?

Download and Enjoy below.


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