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Are we sure Victor’s last name isn’t Franken-stein? He’s created a monster — except in this case, the monster lives in him.

Decades before the series began, Victor was a different person. He chats up young Janet after a college lecture, finding a kindred, curious spirit in her as the two of them talk about the possibility of time travel. Years later, they’re married, and have Chase — who Victor says is “the only thing that matters.” Fast-forward again, and there’s Victor chiding adolescent Chase for tossing his athletic gear in the backseat instead of the trunk before beating him for talking back.

And so it’s curious why Victor is the way he is now. Waking up inside his lab, he hears future Chase’s voice on his time machine radar, telling him that whatever happens, he shouldn’t pick up the fistigons. But why would Victor do that anyway? At this point, he’s still generous, amicable Victor, who greets his son by hugging him and lets jabs about how bad he smells roll right off his sweaty back. In fact, Chase isn’t even angry at Victor; he’s more angry at Janet for her affair and walks away after she explains why she did what she did.

The Steins aren’t the only ones walking on eggshells around each other. Over at the Wilders’, Catherine and Geoffrey search Alex’s room while he’s in the shower and, after he leaves, realize they need to be “up in his business,” as Catherine puts it. At the Minorus’, Nico is at first accepting Robert, telling him that he just needs to do the hard work and ask for Tina’s forgiveness, but when Robert explains that he doesn’t actually want to continue being with Tina, Nico gives him the cold shoulder. And finally, in a room at the Church of Gibborim, Frank interrupts Leslie’s ritual with a dying follower and uses healing gloves Jonah gave him to revive an old man. Leslie is disturbed by Jonah’s gift to Frank, telling him that he has no idea what he’s doing, especially as stunts like these could draw attention to him as some sort of savior. But that’s exactly what Frank wants.

Things aren’t any easier at school. Frustrated with herself and with her friends’ bickering about the looming Open House night — an event during which parents get to meet with their teachers and check out the clubs and goings-on at Atlas Academy — Molly ends up telling them all about how she had accidentally let slip to Catherine that she had seen them during their murder ritual. The older kids are appalled, and Molly, feeling extra guilty, winds up walking away from the group when she feels like she’s being reprimanded and running straight to the dance team, for which she had only partially auditioned. She asks if she can join now, late, but the captain just smiles an offers her a position as the team manager, which is a lot less glamorous than it sounds. Dejected but desperate, Molly accepts, and begins collecting the team’s dirty towels just as Karolina walks over and comforts her, telling her that they’re still friends, and Molly doesn’t ruin everything as she thinks she does….

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