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Titled:- ‘The Cleaner’


Seriously… Oh. My. God.

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There was no shortage of jaw-dropping moments in the penultimate episode of The Catch‘s second season. First, Yanic Truesdale (a.k.a. Gilmore Girls fan-favorite Michel Gerard) makes a surprise cameo as The Cleaner, a corpse-removal specialist with a penchant for dissolving bodies and literally flushing the remains down the drain. Then, Felicity shoots Sophie (whose fate remains uncertain at the end of the hour) and kidnaps Tessa, the sassy and maybe-homicidal teenager everyone loves to hate. And, finally… TOMMY IS MOCKINGBIRD?!

Yeah, there’s no doubt “The Cleaner” was the best installment of the season so far. Without further ado, let’s break down every heart-stopping minute.

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The honeymoon is over

After last week’s realization that Felicity is both alive and a threat to the Kensington firm, Margot and Rhys join forces to find out what she’s planning. Of course, Margot wants her trusty private investigators to help track her down, so she pays the AVI gang a visit to deliver instructions. The place to start is with the firm’s corpse-removal service (are they listed in the Yellow Pages?) that Rhys called the night he thought he killed Felicity. Since The Cleaner was the last one to see Felicity’s body — at least, he was supposed to be — Margot assumes they’ve partnered up.

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Much to Val’s chagrin, she agrees to take the case but insists AVI is done working for Margot when the job is over. Alice readily agrees, believing Ethan will pay them more and, as an added bonus, won’t ask them to hunt down people who make human Drano for a living. I mean, that’s a reasonable thing to ask a potential employer during the interview process, right????

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