Series Update: The Magicians S04E05 – Escape From the Happy Place


If there’s one thing that “Escape from the Happy Place” proves, it’s that The Magicians knows how to do tragedy. It puts its audience in a heart wrenching quandary by playing the story of Eliot’s escape against the recapture of the Monster, both desirable results on their own, and then showing how one makes the other maddeningly impossible. Adding Alice’s failed attempt at reconciliation and Eliot’s exploration of regrets creates a powerfully painful but poignant mixture of emotions that makes us want to either begin our own bare-breasted laments or join Margo in her Ambien sleep of solitude.

Speaking of Margo, Summer Bishil continues to excel at portraying her character as simultaneously regal enough to please even the Fairy Queen and fragile enough to the point where the audience is ready to cry on her behalf at the mere mention of Eliot’s name. It didn’t matter that her story with the birthright box didn’t reach a resolution this week. Just posing the mystery of the talking animals losing their voices was enough to pique our interest. Adding in some over-the-top Fillorian mourning customs only accentuated Margo’s tenuous composure. It should be no surprise that MVP of the season so far definitely goes to Margo…

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