Series Update: The Magicians Season 4 Episode 3 & 4

Margo has been series MVP all season, and seeing her selflessly help Josh with his “condition” was very well handled. It’s great to see material covering consent in sexual dynamics so maturely – even if it includes werewolves. It’s also nice to show that someone can live with an STD and still be in a viable relationship.

Penny and Julia’s entire “ritual” scene was so awkward, adorable, and tastefully handled. Maeve and Gupta really handled the confusion of this type of intimacy wonderfully.

Darth Eliot continues to entertain, even if he’s terrifying. His appraisal of loss was rather sweet, and seeing the Monster of Blackspire Castle decide to help Quentin through his remorse was touching – which made his proclamation about Eliot’s death all the more chilling….

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