Series Updates: Download Agent Of Shields Season 5, Episode 6

There is a lot to cover this week on Agents of SHIELD as Marvel kicks off 2018 with a bang. This is the year Marvel will present Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters; it’s the year that a number of Marvel shows return to Netflix, and it’s the year where Cloak and Dagger should be arriving on TV. But Agents of SHIELD stands as the old stalwart of the MCU, and the series gets off to a good start for 2018 this week as we must bid farewell to a few new characters and are introduced to an Inhuman straight out of the comics.

First, let’s talk about the arrival of Fitz to the future. Last week, we saw Fitz frozen in the past and thawed out in the future in order to save his team. This week, Fitz arrives disguised as a marauder and instantly starts ingratiating himself to Kasius and the Kree hoi polloi. Fitz does a great job playing an intergalactic skel and plans to buy Daisy from Kasius in order to save his pals. Fitz finds his beloved Simmons, all enslaved with her gold forehead, and even proposes to her! Now, SHIELD fans have been waiting seasons for Fitz to pop the question, and here we are in a dystopian future with Simmons enslaved by blue skinned aliens. But you know what? It is still romantic. Of course, Simmons is rendered deaf by Kasius, but hey, it is still a moment.

The focal point of the episode is the Inhumans Fight Club hosted by Kasius. It is revealed this week that Kasius is essentially an exile, sent by his father to run this Inhuman gladiator business

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