Series Updates: Download Blindspot Season 3, Episode 9

Blindspot only took a few weeks off over the holidays, and we probably all need to thank the show for that. None of us could have handled a month or two of sitting with the words Weller spoke to Jane at the end of the midseason finale: “You won’t find her, Jane, because I killed your daughter.” Yeah, that was a big one. Blindspot knows it too, and uses our hunger for answers against us, refusing to check in with the aftermath of that reveal until a solid 15 minutes into the episode. That’s just plain cruel, but also wonderfully manipulative.

Instead, we begin with one of Blindspot‘s signature cold opens. A masked man records himself breaking into some sort of warehouse. He talks as if he’s an activist of some kind, spray-painting a symbol on the warehouse door and excitedly going on about how that will “show them,” though the “them” is a mystery at this point. Then,………..





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