Series Updates: Download KillJoys Season 4, Episode 4

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Download below, first a little recap:

“How could you make him into one of those things?”

So much happens in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting . . . an Alien Parasite” that it’s difficult to decide where to begin. Though we still don’t know what The Lady is or how she can be stopped, Killjoys provides enough narrative movement with the emotional return of Johnny and Dutch that the frenetic pace and unresolved conflicts become easier to navigate. Not as straightforward, however, is when and where Delle Sayeh’s baby shower will be held, and don’t even talk to me about a gift for Baby Jaqobis.

While rage filled Johnny simultaneously demanded both our attention and compassion throughout his fleeting Hullen phase, it’s wonderful to have D’avin’s annoying little brother back to normal. That said, Aaron Ashmore’s portrayal of Johnny’s struggle with the duality of his confusing existence has at times been difficult to watch, and tonight, the force of his frustration reaches new heights leaving viewers stunned and a bit terrified. His character’s little boy antics can often overpower the depth that Ashmore has brought to Johnny through the series’ run. And though we’ve been accustomed to watching Dutch save the day, once again it’s Zeph’s brilliant mind that rescues not only Johnny but Delle Sayeh and her baby as well.

First and foremost, the return of Dutch to the fold naturally drives the episode, but we’re not quite finished with her experience in the green and her confrontation with The Lady. Set neatly against a distressed Johnny violently banging his head against a wall, a still unconscious Dutch revisits some of her time in the green and begins to disseminate some much needed information about The Lady. To this point we haven’t really had much to go on, but now that we learn this being with shapeshifting abilities has been emotionally manipulating Dutch and perhaps Aneela, the meaning of the story Khylen tells changes. Once we see that The Lady can presumably appear as anyone from Dutch’s memories, the game completely changes. Still, why the story of the thief and the warrior? When Aneela tells Dutch “How about for once you let someone look after you,” we long to believe these two women might someday become friends, but the black eyes tell a different story.


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